Outdoor Learning Pods

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but especially for kids. Some were in and out of school, while others learned remotely all year. Now is an opportunity to give your kids the benefit of learning outdoors and in nature, while having fun and integrating play.

Heading Outside will help you find a skilled outdoor education teacher for your family or school learning pod.  Talk to us if you're interested in spring, summer or fall outdoor school options.

Parents will be responsible for following local health guidelines.

How It Works

You'll need to:

  • Identify how many children are in your learning pod 

  • Determine how much learning versus play you want

  • Identify the curriculum subjects you want to focus on

  • Figure out where you want the outdoor learning to happen 

Kids in the Garden
Kids Reading Outdoor

What We Do

Here is what we help with:

  • Finding an outdoor educator for your pod

  • Providing training and support

  • Identifying the basic supplies you'll need and where to get them

The Big Benefits

Besides being fun, here's how you'll benefit:

  • Your kids will get supplementary learning over the summer months

  • Your kids will get to spend outdoor, screen-free time, interacting with nature

  • Your kids can learn in small groups in the open, outdoor air